CONDOR Filmproduktion Berlin produces exciting documentaries, reportages and magazins with an outstanding viewer’s acceptance. It is lead by the director / cameraman Klaus Tümmler. As a DOP he shot numerous films for other authors. A team of specialized crew members support him at every step of making a film.

As an author he focuses on the relationships between human beings and animals, environmental issues, children, other cultures and exotic countries. The films are shot and produced worldwide - from the jungle to mega cities.

Our services include the complete creation of films - from research to the final product. Two HD-edit suits with Avid Media Composer and Full HD-camera equipment guarantee best technical quality.

Several films were shown and rewarded at international film festivals. Other activities of Klaus Tümmler are being a jury member at film festivals and working with students. He gained shooting experience almost all over Europe and countries like New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, Indonesia, Tahiti, Fiji, New Caledonia, Guatemala, Ecuador, USA, South Africa, Botswana, Guinea and Cote d’Ivoir.